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Pipe Cases

The Piper's Choice Backpack pipe case is very popular. It comes in blue or black, and is lightweight but protects your pipes with thick padding and a plush interior. The Kinnaird Wheeled Pipe Case takes the weight off your arm and has room for your pipes and all your accessories. Its semi-rigid construction provides excellent protection for your pipes. This case also comes in a backpack version without wheels and extendable handle.

N.B: Because their size makes shipping particularly expensive, we must apply a CAD$20 surcharge to shipping of pipe cases. You will receive a Paypal invoice by email for the surcharge. 


Orders shipped to a British Columbia address are subject to 5% GST + 7% PST. Orders shipped to other Canadian addresses are subject to the sales taxes applicable in the province/territory of destination. In some cases, the Paypal system may charge you more than the actual shipping cost. In these cases, we will refund you the difference through Paypal. We try to keep our shipping costs as low as possible.

International Orders:
Please contact us for shipping cost. The shipping calculated by Paypal is based on the Canada domestic rates. International shipping will be more costly. We will separately invoice you for the difference prior to dispatch of your order.