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Highland Wear

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New items are regularly added to our Highland Wear offerings. Check back often to see the latest additions.

  • Zoomorphic Buckle
    Zoomorphic Buckle
  • Dirk-Style Kilt Pin
    Dirk-Style Kilt Pin
  • Celtic Swirl Buckle
    Celtic Swirl Buckle
  • Dress Sgian Dubh
    Dress Sgian Dubh
  • Highland Stag Buckle
    Highland Stag Buckle
  • Shamrock & Sword Kilt Pin
    Shamrock & Sword Kilt Pin
  • Viking Shield Cap Badge
    Viking Shield Cap Badge
  • Embossed Leather Sporran
    Embossed Leather Sporran
  • Casual Kilt
    Casual Kilt
  • Thistle & Sword Kilt Pin
    Thistle & Sword Kilt Pin
  • Small Thistle Brooch/Kilt Pin
    Small Thistle Brooch/Kilt Pin
  • Casual Kilt
    Casual Kilt
  • Studded Goatskin Sporran
    Studded Goatskin Sporran
  • Thistle Cap Badge/brooch
    Thistle Cap Badge/brooch
Zoomorphic Buckle
Zoomorphic Buckle