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Serving Pipers and Drummers


Ghillie Brogues are the shoes of choice for most pipers, drummers and pipe bands. The distinctive, wrap-around laces add a touch of distinction to any highland outfit. Our ghillie brogues are made in North America and sized to fit North-American feet. These are the most comfortable ghillie brogues on the market today. The most popular colour is black, but they can also be ordered  in tan, ox blood or dark brown.

We also carry a selection of kilt hose to fit most wearers. Coloured kilt hose can complement any highland outfit. There is no need to match hose to kilt colour, although some prefer to do this. Red and green are the traditional colours for flashes, but there is no rule governing the choice of colour. Nowadays, flashes are available in a wide variety of colours.