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Highland Bagpipes and Scottish Smallpipes

Items made from African Blackwood must be accompanied by a CITES re-export certificate when shipped across an international border. In Canada, it can take approximately one month to obtain a re-export certificate. This requirement is expected to be lifted for musical instruments and parts at the end of November.

The Piper's Den can supply all models of bagpipes from Dunbar, Gibson, Naill, Wallace, and John Walsh. Several sets of bagpipes are in stock at all times. Bagpipes can be sold as "sticks and stocks" (i.e. stocks, drones, blowpipe) or as a fully assembled, set-up and tested set complete with chanter, drone reeds, chanter reed, bag, bag cover, and drone cords. Please note that the prices shown are for sticks and stocks and include a polypenco chanterPlease call or email us or use the "Contact" page on this website to inquire about a full setup price or customization.