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TyFry Ultimate Tenor Sticks


These sticks are the result of years of experience and testing. They feature:

  • New lighter weight, sleek fully integrated 8.25″ injection moulded shaft.
  • Industry-leading engineering maintains the TyFry® vision of eliminating component failures while combining the strength and feel of traditional Malacca cane with a modern graphite metallic look.
  • Cutting edge tri-density Permatone™ head technology has reduced weight in the head, refined balance and makes the Ultimate the most aerodynamic mallet on the market.
  • Patent-pending Permatone™ improves rhythmic articulation, clarity, response and control across the full dynamic spectrum.
  • New flattened butt-end for improved flourish cord retention and rotation. -New fascia joint seamlessly integrates the head with the shaft.
  • An unrivalled selection of new and familiar premium synthetic furs available in black, red, and the most popular, white.
  • Colour-coded high quality flourish cords with removable core can be used rounded or flattened to suit the preference of the player.



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