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Seasonal Specials: Check out the Seasonal Specials page for items at knock-down prices from now until 24 December. New items added regularly.

G1 Platinum pipe chanters, reeds and coloured reed protectors now in stock!

Check out our Footwear page to see the great kilt hose we now carry in a range of styles, colours and prices, made in Scotland by House of Cheviot and Lochcarron.

Sgian dubhs, kilt pins and belt buckles from Glen Esk! Check out the sgian dubhs with real stag horn handles and the solid pewter kilt pins and buckles made in the UK.

The Piper's Den is dedicated to providing top quality bagpipes, reeds, accessories, and pipe band drumming supplies at competitive pricesWe offer a selection of bagpipes and smallpipes, chanter reeds, drone reeds, pipe bags, drumsticks and accessories from well-known and respected makers and suppliers.

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